Posted by admin @ 12:00 am on June 30th 2013

The United States’ Top Eco-Friendly Hotels

You might be concerned that your green lifestyle is in jeopardy when you go on vacation. However, there are a number of excellent hotels in the United States that are also eco-friendly.

L’Auberge Del Mar, San Diego: The L’Auberge Del Mar offers guests beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. They have initiatives to cut back on their consumption of water and electricity, and all of the food served there is organic.

Habitat Suites, Austin: Habitat Suites prides itself on being a green hotel. Most impressively, they use (more…)

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Is Hypermiling A Way To Help The Planet?

While hybrid-electric vehicles and new fuel sources have the potential to alleviate or reduce the environmental harm your daily commute may be causing, such options may be out of reach for those who have only a limited budget to work with. Investing in a more efficient vehicle can be a substantial financial commitment, but those without the resources to replace their older vehicles may still be able to make a difference. Hypermiling and driving habits that will promote a higher degree of fuel economy can allow you to reduce the impact (more…)

Posted by admin @ 12:00 am on June 22nd 2013

How Bee Keeping Helps The Enviroment

In the past few years, beekeeping in urban or backyard settings has boomed. There are several important environmental benefits to keeping your own bees.

The role bees play in pollinating plants is more important than that of any other insect. Your garden will be healthier, and plants will produce more. Increased pollination will cut down on your dependence of store bought, non-organic fruits and vegetables.

One of the most attractive benefits of keeping your own bees is (more…)

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Ways To Promote Bike Riding In Your Community

With increasing gas prices an increasing number of people are turning to bicycles for short distance trips around their hometowns. By riding bikes, carbon emissions and pollution are reduced, people are healthier, and less people in cars reduces traffic creating a better environment for everyone.

There are several ways to promote bike riding in a community. Incentives are always appreciated and programs started by employers to encourage people to ride to work are effective. Employers can provide secured storage for bicycles during the day and locker rooms, and possibly even showers, for employees to (more…)

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Turning Your Food Waste Into Compost

Home composting is one of the easiest ways to embrace the green movement in your daily lifestyle. The concept is simple: recycle food waste and transform it into fertilizer. Composting not only creates a nutrient rich fertilizer to, it helps reduce waste in landfills.

The first step in composting is to determine which foods you can use and which you can’t. Compost friendly foods include:

  • coffee grounds
  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • egg shells
  • (more…)